Common Diseases

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What diseases can homeopathy be useful for?

Homeopaths do not have the same approach to illness as conventional doctors, and they do not treat 'diseases' but rather, treat people. The concept of disease in mainstream medicine is a convenient approach for collecting together the information about common patterns of symptoms, so that one can identify a case of measles, flu or arthritis, for example. However, alongside these common symptoms that we all experience, individuals actually have their own patterns of symptoms during illness which is peculiar to them. For example, one person who has the flu wants to be wrapped up warm and desires company, while another who has the flu throws off his covers and doesn't want anyone near him. The general flu symptoms here are common, but the expression of the patient is peculiar to him. These individual and characteristic symptoms are what guide the homeopathic prescription. This means that two patients with the same disease often get different remedies, and that two patients with different diseases can get the same remedy.

The following list (next page) gives some examples of common disorders people seek out homeopathic treatment for. The list is by no means exhaustive and does not include more serious diseases which homeopathy can also be used for, alone or alongside allopathic medicine.


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