Consultations & Fees
Consultation & Fees

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CONSULTATION & FEES* .(In Person / Skype)

Acute consultations typically last 30 minutes. A follow-up is usually made after 48 hours by phone or email, unless required sooner.

Fees for Acute Treatment
25 JD / $50
(includes consultation, cost of 1-2 remedies, contact during treatment, email / phone follow-up)

Acute Emergency Appointments
Emergency appointments: 40 JD / $70 (including 1-2 remedies). Home visits additional 5+ JD depending on area
The initial constitutional consultation typically lasts 1.5 - 2 hours. Forms are required to be filled in beforehand.
Monthly follow-up appointments are necessary for successful homeopathic treatment. Duration times vary.

Fees for Constitutional Treatment
Initial Consultation: 120 JD / $180 (includes cost of 1-2 remedies, contact during treatment)
Follow-up appointments: 40 JD / $70 (includes cost of 1-2 remedies, contact during treatment)
Review Appointments: 60 JD/ $95 (in cases where gaps between follow-ups exceed 5 months or more)

*International Payments must be in JD to the clinic's Amman bank account or USD via PayPal. Please contact us for more information.
Patient informaton is strictly confidential. Please click here for our cancellation policy and fees.

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