Consultations & Fees
Consultation & Fees

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CONSULTATION & FEES* .(In person/Skype/Zoom)

Acute consultations typically last 30 minutes. A follow-up is usually made after 48 hours by phone or email, unless required sooner.

Fees for Acute Treatment
25 JD / $35
(includes consultation, cost of 1-2 remedies, contact during treatment, email/phone follow-up)

Acute Emergency Appointments
Emergency appointments: 40 JD / $60 (including 1-2 remedies). Home visits additional 5+ JD depending on area
The initial constitutional consultation typically lasts 1.5 hours. Forms are required to be filled in beforehand.
Monthly follow-up appointments are necessary for successful homeopathic treatment.

Fees for Constitutional Treatment
Fees are based on a sliding scale depending on each case. The exact fee is given after completed forms have been received.

Initial Consultation: 60-120 JD / $85-170 (includes cost of 1 remedy, contact during treatment)
Follow-up Appointments: 20-40 JD / $30-60 (includes cost of 1 remedy, contact during treatment)
Review Appointments: 50 JD/ $70 (in cases where gaps between follow-ups exceed 5 months or more)

*Please click here for our cancellation policy and fees. Patient informaton is strictly confidential.

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