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Is there any evidence for homeopathy?

Yes, there is lots of evidence both historic and modern, in the form of randomised control trials (RCTs), meta-analyses of trials, outcome studies, in-vitro (test-tube) research, and most of all, clinical observations and records. Unfortunately most of the evidence for homeopathy has been ignored. During the cholera epidemic of 1854, the London Homeopathic Hospital reported a fatality rate of 16.4%. The neighbouring mainstream hospital reported a fatality rate of 53.32%. This evidence was ignored. In September 2005, the Bristol Homeopathic Hospital published the results of a survey carried out by doctors there. Over a six year period 6,544 patients with long standing chronic diseases were treated homeopathically. 70% of patients reported significant improvement. The media were informed of this survey but were not interested (Spence, Thompson, Baron (2005).

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