Is Homeopathy Expensive?

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Why is a homeopathic consultation so expensive?

Depending on location and experience, initial homeopathic consultations are generally between £60 - £120 and subsequent follow ups £40 - £60. The fees usually include the cost of the medicines. For some people, this may seem expensive. To put it into context, if you were to consult a private conventional doctor you would pay much more, with the cost of medicine as extra. The homeopath often spends much more time on reviewing a patient's case in addition to the normal two hour initial consultation.

Obviously not everyone can afford 'alternative' health care. However, most people actually can afford to consult with a homeopath and it is a matter of prioritising. We spend a lot of money on leisure, food, and clothing. When it comes to healthcare, we are not inclined to spend. This is largely to do with either having a free health service such as in the UK, or because of the view that mainstream medicine is 'cheaper'. However, good homeopathic treatment is cost efficient and overall cheaper than conventional medicine because your health genuinely increases and the need for continued treatment decreases, as opposed to a health system which is seeing unprecedented rates of illness across all age groups and only seems to worsen under conventional treatment.

We can see then, that Homeopathic treatment is relatively inexpensive. It is a matter of choice. One must assess how much time and money is worth investing in the long-term health of oneself and one's family.

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