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What happens if there is no change after my first consultations?

After diligently receiving your case, the homeopath reviews and analyses all the information gathered. The homeopath is a medical detective and closely follows all the events and states of sickness in one's life, unearthing the possible causes, themes and patterns dominant in the case, until a full picture of the patient becomes apparent. This picture is then matched to a corresponding remedy. In some instances the case can be very clear and so the remedy needed is also very clear. In other cases the picture can be more complex or more vague. Occasionally it may happen that the remedy chosen was not close enough to the centre of the case to bring about lasting improvement. In such situations the homeopath will look over the case again in even more depth, perhaps asking the patient more questions in order to fill in any gaps, and then decide on a new remedy.

Whether the right remedy is selected the first or second time, one can be assured that a good homeopath always works to their utmost ability and with great persistence in finding the right remedy for each patient and bringing about true health. Most homeopaths care more for the well being of their patients and the reputation of homeopathy than quick fixes and monetary compensation and this is the reason why they work so intensely in finding the correct remedy for each and every patient they treat.

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