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What's meant by healing on all levels of one's being? How deep can the healing go? How does homeopathy achieve this?

It is important here for both physician and patient to be clear about what one's definition of health is. It is also essential to be clear of what one expects from treatment.

Health can mean different things for different people. Take a person suffering from depression. They have good physical health, eat well, but nevertheless suffer from severe depression, the cause of which they can not tell. They just feel unhappy and isolate themselves. Another person suffers from severe rheumatoid arthritis yet on the emotional and mental level he is well, contributes to his environment, and is able to be creative. We can see that the physically disabled person is, in reality, in a better state of health than the depressed person.

Every discipline has definitions. These are important as it defines the extent and limit of any given thing. It is true to say that conventional medicine does not actually have a definition of health. However, it is of the utmost importance to have a comprehensive definition of health that includes the entire scope of the human as both a physical and spiritual being.

Homeopaths have defined health using different words, however all meaning the same thing. Below are two of the most common descriptions or definitions of health in the homeopathic model, one from the founder of homeopathy, ...

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