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A couple years ago, I became really sick. It began with chills and dizziness and progressed until I had stomach pains constantly. This went on for months, and I lost around 30 pounds, at which time I began to experience other problems because of lack of nutrition. I was declining physically and mentally, and didn't feel myself. I went to the hospital and had numerous check-ups, but no doctor could find out what was wrong, and most put it down to anxiety. Finally, my father, who is a hardcore allopathic doctor who is normally against homeopathic medicine, recommended that I go to Dr. Jamir. 

After listening to my symptoms just once, Dr. Jamir prescribed some medicine to take daily. He called me at the end of the week and asked me detailed questions about how I felt, then prescribed something new for the next week. Every week, he would call and enquire about my health, and in a few weeks, I felt relief I hadn't felt in those two years of illness. Three months on, I am back to full health. As far as I'm concerned, Dr. Jamir worked a miracle, and I am forever grateful for his caring attitude and for accomplishing what no other doctor could.
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