The Homeopathic Consultation

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What happens in a homeopathic consultation?

The homeopathic consultation is a very comprehensive and unique experience. During the consultation not only will your main complaints be thoroughly explored, but so will all other aspects of your life. Together with the homeopath you will explore your reactions to your environment and people, your fears and dreams, sleep and eating habits, stress influences, as well as your hobbies and aspirations. Your family history and childhood are also discussed. The homeopathic consultation is a rare opportunity in medicine for you to talk about yourself freely and at length, and to be truly listened to attentively. It offers a safe and friendly setting without judgement or psychological analysis. Patients find the experience deeply empowering as they move towards an understanding of their own personality and health in the context of their own life.

*It should be noted here despite the beneficial effect the initial consultation has on the patient, it is by no means the reason why homeopathic healing takes place. While the positive effects of being listened to and being given time to talk in depth may indeed allow the person to recognise certain issues and patterns in one's life, it is never enough however to actually be able to overcome and completely heal oneself, physically and psychologically, through intimate discussion alone. The homeopathic remedies are the key to healing. Please also see the 'Is homeopathy placebo' question.

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